What I Eat to Lose Weight 👀 Waffles + NEW Recipe site!

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We got yummy and healthy waffles today, followed by vegan buddha bowls and a shrimp, pasta and zoodles for dinner! All recipes are on my website so check it out!! New recipes added daily
0:00 - Intro
0:58 - Waffles
9:18 - Falafel Buddha Bowl with Healthy Chipotle Sauce
14:40 - Shrimp Pasta & Zoodles Mix
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  • fun fact that noone asked for: eating is also exercising.. your jaw muscles 🧠

    bb gwenbb gwen3 ай мурун
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      Azim MAzim M25 күн мурун
    • There are actual face exercises to keep your face lifted and symmetrical

      Pro JusticePro JusticeАй мурун
    • ***You have to remember to focus on your breathing and engage your core, if you want that define jaw***

      Michał MiłekMichał MiłekАй мурун
    • @Diana A. Youth leery by and

      Alfred BaidenAlfred BaidenАй мурун
    • 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

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  • Your kitchen clumsiness is so relatable. No matter how careful I am, I make a mess and drop all sorts of things too. And my measurements are just never exactly precise bc I’m incapable of following recipes too somehow. 😅😅😅

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  • I wish I could wake up and make food and work out and get paid to do so in the comfort of your own home. So nice

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  • 5:22 me looking at my flat belly

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  • To anyone who´s reading this: You are beautiful, strong and inteligent!! no matter what you eat and how your body looks like, remember the most important is to be healthy.

    JMRL 2015JMRL 201529 күн мурун
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  • really quick question.....what's the chances of you giving us some YOGA videos? edit: if you do yoga of course

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  • Hi Chloe ting I want to ask you how do i build a home training program like abs arm legs butt glutes and training with weights i'am really confused can you please help me or give me some advices 🙏🙏

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  • Man. You must be getting YT famous. You're getting haters lmao. Seriously, I don't believe you always eat everything on the plate. Least not in one go, BUT not many cooking channels and shows do. They make over sized portions for the videos sake. But depending how hard you work out. You could easily lose weight and eat all this. Just depends how much work you put into burning your calories.

    Katt LKatt LАй мурун
    • I saw ppl was getting really mad becuz she didn't eat all the food but I wld like to believe she's not throwing away all that food after

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  • Hey Lovelies! My name is Stephanie I'm 35 years young and I live in Southern California USA and I'm new to Chloe's Channel and new to Working Out. I know you may find that hard to believe since I'm almost 40 but it's true. Better late than never right? I've heard nothing but amazing things about Chloe Ting and her Work Outs and Channel! I've always been a Big Beautiful Woman. I'm confident with who I am and my size. I know I'm drop dead beautiful but I'm deciding to get healthier and lose some inches and hopefully some weight. I'm 5'4" tall and I currently weigh 210 pounds. I don't know how to Measure myself so I don't know what my Measurements are. I know this Journey isn't going to be easy at all and one of the hardest things I have ever done. If not the hardest but I know it'll be worth it! Today is 3/23/2021 I'm gonna be starting my Healthy Journey today and working out for the first time ever! I would love to stay motivated and daily encouragement on my Journey from you Lovelies and I would definitely be motivating, supporting, and encouraging you. I hope you would do me the honors of following me and my Journey. My new Instagram Page is Thick_Barbie1985. I will be posting Weekly photos of myself and other random stuff! Feel free to contact me on Instagram. I hope some of you will follow and I thank you for your time! I hope you have a beautiful day, take care!

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  • Chloe you should start a food delivery service like hello fresh or blue apron for all your recipes. You know for all those juggling multiple things like work, school, and family, or even a meal prep service. Just a thought.

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